These papers will be presented during the concurrent session according to the Conference Schedule:

A Hybrid Two-Stage Approach for Discipline-Independent Canonical Representation Extraction from References / Sung Hee Park; Roger Ehrich; Edward Fox.
BibRank: a Language-Based Model for Co-Ranking Entities in Bibliographic Networks /  Laure Soulier; Lamjed Ben Jabeur; Lynda Tamine; Wahiba Bahsoun.
Book selection behaviour in the physical library: implications for ebook collection / Annika Hinze; Nicolas Vandershantz; Claire Timpany; Sally Jo Cunningham; Dana McKay.
Concept Chaining utilizing Meronyms in Text Characterization  / Lori Watrous-Deversterre; Chong Wang; Min Song.
Co-Reading: Investigating Collaborative Group Reading / Jennifer Pearson; Tom Owen; Harold Thimbleby; George Buchanan. (Nominated for Vannevar Bush Best Paper
Event-centric Search and Exploration in Document Collections  / Jannik Strötgen; Michael Gertz.
How Do People Organize Their Photos in Each Event and How Does It Affect Storytelling, Searching and Interpretation Tasks?  / Jesse Prabawa Gozali; Min-Yen Kan; Hari Sundaram.
Identifying Core Concepts in Educational Resources / James Foster; Md. Arafat Sultan; Holly Devaul; Ifeyinwa Okoye; Tamara Sumner.
Improving Multi-Faceted Book Search by Incorporating Sparse Latent Semantic Analysis of Click-Through Logs / Deng Yi; Yin Zhang; Haihan Yu; Yanfei Yin; Jing Pan; Baogang Wei.
Modeling and Exploiting Heterogeneous Bibliographic Networks for Expertise Ranking / Hongbo Deng; Jiawei Han; Michael R. Lyu; Irwin King. (Nominated for Vannevar Bush Best Paper)
On the Institutional Archiving of Social Media / Catherine Marshall; Frank Shipman.
Student Researchers, Citizen Scholars and the Trillion Word Library / Gregory Crane; Bridget Almas; Alison Babeu.
The "City of Lit" Digital Library A Case Study of Interdisciplinary Research and Collaboration / Haowei Hsieh; Bridget Draxler; Nicole Dudley; Jon Winet.
To Better Stand on the Shoulder of Giants: Learning to Identify Potentially Influential Literature / Rui Yan. (Nominated for Best Student Paper)
Web-based citation parsing, correction and augmentation / Liangcai Gao; Xixi Qi; Zhi Tang; Xiaofan Lin; Ying Liu.
A Comparison of Techniques for Detecting Abnormal Change in Blogs / Paul Bogen; Richard Furuta; Frank Shipman.
Transforming Japanese Archives into Accessible Digital Books / Tatsuya Ishihara; Toshinari Itoko; Daisuke Sato; Asaf Tzadok; Hironobu Takagi.
AckSeer: A Repository and Search Engine for Automatically Extracted Acknowledgments from Digital Libraries / Madian Khabsa; Pucktada Treeratpituk; C. Lee Giles.
Active Associative Sampling for Author Name Disambiguation  /  Marcos Goncalves; Rodrigo Silva; Anderson Ferreira; Adriano Veloso; Alberto Laender.
Content-Based Layouts for Exploratory Metadata Search in Scientific Research Data  / Jürgen Bernard; Tobias Ruppert; Maximilian Scherer; Jörn Kohlhammer; Tobias Schreck. (Nominated for Best Student Paper)
Descriptive Metadata, Iconclass, and Digitized Emblem Literature / Timothy W. Cole; Myung-Ja Han; Jordan Vannoy.
Exploiting Real-Time Information Retrieval in Microblogosphere / Feng Liang; Runwei Qiang; Jianwu Yang.
Generating Ground Truth for Music Mood Classification Using Mechanical Turk  /  Jin Ha Lee; Xiao Hu. (Nominated for Vannevar Bush Best Paper)
IPKB: A Digital Library for Invertebrate Paleontology / Yuanliang Meng; Junyan Li; Patrick Denton; Yuxin Chen; Bo Luo; Paul Selden; Xue-Wen Chen.
Live Television in a Digital Library /  Maxime Rouast; David Bainbridge.